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Before e-mailing, we ask that you take a look at this list of Frequently Asked Questions as many of your questions are likely answered here:

I have no experience whatsoever. Do you work with beginners?

Absolutely - ALL levels are welcome! Try an initial lesson and see for yourself by filling out the contact form below to set up an introductory lesson with your name, age, musical/artistic history and goals.

What is required for video lessons?

Video lessons require headphones, good internet connection/broadband, PC/Mac with an inbuilt video camera with both audio and video enabled, a quiet space free from distractions and Skype.

How are coachings scheduled?

Fill out the contact form below to set up an introductory lesson with your name, age and musical history and goals. Coaching times are based on availability and cannot be guaranteed unless reserved and confirmed no later than 24-hrs prior to your scheduled session. Once coachings are confirmed, they are non-refundable.

How are payments made?

All payment information will be securely stored and processed through PayPal Business.

I want to learn how to write songs and accompany myself on piano. Can you help?

Absolutely! Students are encouraged to write their own music and learn how to accompany themselves on piano. Fill out the contact form below to book a Piano & Vocal Combo Coaching.

I'm having trouble accessing my E-Course

Submit the contact form below and provide the e-mail used at purchase. Please also check your spam/junk folder for e-mails you may not be getting.


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